Disaster Updates

Seismic Intensity Scale


Shaking cannot be felt by people.


Slight shaking is felt by some people indoors


Some people who are sleeping will wake up. Items hanging from the ceiling, such as electric lights, will sway slightly.


Most people who are indoors will feel the shaking. Crockery may rattle in shelves.


Most people who are sleeping will wake up. The electric light will swing and crockery will rattle loudly in shelves.

5 Lower

Most people will make moves to ensure their personal safety. Furniture may be jolted.

5 Upper

Most people will find it hard to move freely. Cupboards etc. may fall over.

6 Lower

It is difficult to stand. The majority of pieces of furniture that has not been affixed will be jolted or fall over.

6 Upper

People have to crawl in order to move. Tiles and window glass on the majority of buildings shatter and fall.


People cannot move at will. Tiles and window glass on most buildings shatter and fall.